Balloon27 brings together the skillsets and passions of indie development and games publishing to bring high quality entertainment to global marketplaces.

We allow our hand picked development partners to focus on creativity while we apply our experience in 4 key areas:
• Analytics & Monetization
• PR & Marketing
• Platform Delivery
• Business Administration

Balloon27 is an international team of agile and experienced professionals with platform and global market connections, making us capable of bringing the right exposure to a diverse range of games from indie developers all over the world.
If you are an indie developer with a promising project, we can add a lot of value:
Analytics & Monetization – Expert guidance, informed benchmarking and insight to maximize the potential of your game with a focus on improving retention and IAP models through data informed analysis.
PR & Marketing – We deliver a go-to-market strategy, combining traditional media relations and tactics with hyper-targeted digital marketing outreach to qualified influencers and bloggers to create a strong digital footprint.
Platform Delivery – We have strong relationships with Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung, Nintendo, Sony, LeapMotion in Asia, Europe and the U.S.
Business Administration – Legal guidance, contracts and international negotiations on your behalf so you can focus on developing the best entertainment product possible.

Our philosophy makes us different. We believe that just as there are many things to separate us in the world today, gaming can unite us. We’re founded with no regard to location, language, or time zone, but with a simple love for building games. Our diversity is our gift.

Our development partners have found us approachable and transparent. The only promise we make is that we’ll only sign deals with people who share our outlook and passion. Product quality is key but the quality of the people we’re partnering with is of paramount concern because our ambitions are to build a sustainable business with long term vision.
We are continually searching for games that will disrupt, challenge and forge new experiences for today’s gamers through art, music, format or gameplay.
Balloon27 was founded in 2012 by Ajay Chadha. He was born in the UK and has since lived in Japan and the U.S. from where he now runs the business. Connect with Ajay here.

Case Study: How we successfully partnered with a Turkish development team.

A chance encounter with a development team in Ankara, Turkey in 2013 led to Balloon27 signing ‘Darklings’. We were blown away with the unique approach taken by MildMania who convinced us of their long term commitment to the game.
In turn, MildMania were impressed with our love of games, analytical approach and platform relationships.
Three months after launch, Darklings had 350,000 downloads, was a featured ‘Best New Game’ in US, Canada and Turkey AppStores and sat at #1 Overall in Russia, Belarus, Brazil, Spain and Netherlands; #2 Overall in Germany, Canada, Singapore and Turkey; and #14 in South Korea. In the U.S. Darklings featured at #64 in Overall and #38 in Games.
Things just kept getting better…
Overall – Top 100 reached in 42 countries on iPad, 34 countries on iPhone
Games – Top 100 reached in 67 countries on iPhone, 51 countries on iPad

The awards and accolades came thick and fast:
• Top 5 in MetaCritic
• Top 10 in QualityIndex
• Finest Publisher and Best 10 game of December – Quality Index
• Nominated in IndiePrize, Best Art finalist – Casual Connect Amsterdam • Nominated for Best Action Game – BestAppEver, SteelMedia (cont.)
• Most Innovative Game – Pocket Gamer Awards (cont.)
• Nominated for Mobile Game of the Year – Gaming Illustrated
• #4 App Of The Year – SlideDB
• Best Gameplay winner – Crystal Pixel
• Various app & game of the weeks – AppAdvice, Kapaoo, SFGate and others
“An extraordinarily unique and exciting game with a thrilling concept” – 148 Apps (4.5/5)
“A fun and clever action game, Darklings shows how much can be accomplished with a touchscreen control system” – Pocket Gamer (4/5)
“Darklings is a fun and creative little game, gesture the darkness away” – SlideToPlay (4/4, a must have)
“Boasting a minimalistic design style and simple controls, Darklings is a delightful affair that pulls you in further each time you play” – MacLife (4.5/5)
“Darklings is a game with distinctive visuals, perfect for casual” – (8.6 Excellent) – Featured on

Our continued focus saw Darklings confirmed as Apple’s App of the Week in March 2014. This exposure alone generated over 2 million installs.
By April 2014, the game had 4/5 stars from 2645 user ratings on iTunes.
Importantly, the learnings from the first 6 months informed a major iteration of the game and refined the in-app-purchasing models. Darklings Season 2 launched in June 2014.